KB Drafting’s Process

Hourly – for CAD drafting, project management or helping with a project design
Contract – per job basis – requires a deposit and installments upon work completed.
Billing is within a monthly cycle of work performed each month.

Contract Job Process:

Our goal is to keep your drafting expenses within budget by reviewing your scope and budget to help you on a per job basis or we can give you a bid to help create your drafting budget.  For bidding purposes a set of plans and your scope is required in PDF format or on a CD for our viewing.  If you have plans in PDF format they can be emailed directly to sales@kbdrafting.com  (file size limit is 20MB) per email sent with unlimited number of emails or we can retrieve the drawings by invitation thru drop box or other means.

Drawing process:

  • All drawings are produced using customer’s title blocks, logos etc.
  • Drawings are submitted / returned in PDF format.
  • If a drawing is returned with KB Drafting title block then it is for in-house use only and usually a clarification is required or additional information is needed.
  • KB Drafting keeps control of all Autocad drawings until a phase or area is complete and then the Autocad file is emailed to your CAD department or where specified. If any updates are required after an Autocad file has been returned, then KB Drafting will request the file from your CAD department.
  • Once a job is completed, KB Drafting will email the balance of Autocad files to your CAD department or where specified. If KB Drafting has all the current Autocad files and it is to much to send via email, we will put all the current and relevant Autocad files in a drop box folder or on a CD and mail them to your company

KB Drafting offers drafting services only. We do not do any engineering or sign and stamp any drawings.  All final engineering is the responsibility of others (if required) and KB Drafting will adhere to engineering specifications and calculations.