How we do business:

1) Who do we offer our services to?

Industry professionals such as contractors, builders, homeowners and those who have a need for architectural stone drafting.

2) What drafting software do we use?

Autocad 2018

3) What format is used for final drawings?

We send all drawings in PDF format for our clients to review, mark-up or final project drawings.  Depending on file size, we either send the drawings by email or drop box.  If the client has their own standards, then we follow their standards.

4) When can my work begin?

When our proposal is agreed upon and approved.

5) What type of turnaround time is expected?

Each project is booked as they are received and are scheduled according to priority.  We will discuss each projects needs and critical paths before we begin working on a project.

6) What are your types of payment?

Checks made payable to KB Drafting or wire transfers.

7) When are balances due?

On large project we bill on a monthly cycle and on smaller projects, upon receipt of invoice or as agreed upon.

8) What do I need to do to begin?

The best practice is by email and include your scope of work required or contact us by phone (801) 669-3467.  We encourage our clients to do business electronically.

9) How do I get my project information to you?

You can email files to  We can accept files sizes up to 20MB with an unlimited amount of files sent or we can retrieve your project by invitation thru drop box or other means.